The demolition of Lushill and the erection of four, number detached properties

May 21, 2018

The proposed development site is within Stock Village Conservation Area. Despite the existing building being in a poor state of repair, it is of merit in its scale, siting, architectural detail and verdant boundaries. It currently contributes positively to the character of the Conservation Area when experienced from the public realm. Further to the withdrawn application for the demolition of this dwelling and the replacement with four new dwellings, there remain serious concerns in respect of the proposals, the changes to the design have not gone far enough in considering the Heritage Asset and how it is experienced, the design and access are also matters of serious concern and result in a scheme which does not  either preserve or enhance the Conservation Area.

This area of the Conservation Area is  verdant in nature,  with well-spaced plots framing the historic Common, the proposals within this application propose an intensification of the plot to no lesser a degree than the previously withdrawn application. The site plans evidences this clearly, the forms are shoehorned into the site in a manner more akin to a dense housing estate rather than interspaced dwellings with spacious plots. The introduction of access across the Common land is of serious concern and would result in a diminution of the historic common.

In terms of the elevated design, this has not evolved from an appreciation of the local character or indeed the character and appearance of the Conservation Area, Crown roofs would be highly visible and are not  positive contributors to the character or the local distinctiveness.

In summary the proposals within this application on many levels result in harm to a designated heritage asset which would be avoidable with a less intensive scheme, a more appropriate roofscape and reconsidered access. The net increase of two dwellings would not outweigh the harm to the Conservation Area

Last modified: May 22, 2018