UPDATED: Parish Council comment on 140 Mill Road

November 14, 2018

The following comment was added to the Planning Application on Wednesday 14 November;

“Further to the recent revisions submitted for this application, the Parish Council do not agree that these marginal revisions have in any way addressed the fundamental concerns and justified objections of residents in respect of the application. Such revisions are still not resulting in Good Design which National Planning Policy states weight should be afforded to in the decision making process. As a result our strong objection remains, please take both this and our original consultee response as our formal response. This application should be refused.”


The following comments have been submitted to the Chelmsford City Council planning portal with regards the development of 140 Mill Road;

“This submission follows the recently refused application for the same quantum of flatted development in an area characterised by large detached dwellings in spacious plots.

“The Parish Council does not support this application which, whilst may have been attempting to address the reasons for refusal, still results in a high level of unacceptable harm by way of the poor design and level of intensification of the verdant site.

“Such intensification will impact negatively not only on the local character and rural nature of this component of the settlement, but it will also result in negative impact upon the existing neighbouring dwellings, in particular their residential amenity; this together with the displacement of parking given the quantum of units (the current proposal is deficient in spaces) and safety issues which the provision of a concierge could not address as it is not enforceable, leads to the proposals being in breach of Planning Policy.

“A high number of local residents attended the Parish Council meeting and whilst not in objection to the principle of development, residents conveyed clearly and justifiably the real harm which would result by way of the proposals; a summary of comments include;

– Impact upon the Lindens, in particular number 4 and 5.

– Impact upon the adjacent properties on Mill Road.

– Balconies to the rear overlook, dormers overlook.

– Loss of trees and the inconsistencies in the tree report and layout proposals; e.g. loss of screening would result in direct overlooking. Some trees in this site are deciduous so the agent should not rely on these to provide privacy.

– SUDs and lack of any technical information – given this site sits at a higher level within the settlement and has a watercourse within its context no SUDs has been evidenced or examined.

– The impact of associated lighting, highway markings, splays and signage would urbanise the rural character.

– Road safety and the displacement of parking onto Mill Road and Whites Hill. Also insufficient parking given the typologies’ proposed.

“The Parish Council have examined these concerns and others raised, and wholly concur with residents, that whilst there are marginal changes, these have in turn caused further issues, as a result this application is not in any way acceptable, all matters lead back to the fact this is not the right scheme for this site.

“We also draw your attention to the VDS (Village Design Statement), which is adopted, and should still be afforded weight in the planning balance given the current status of the emerging LDP (Local Development Plan); the context here in Mill Road is for large detached dwellings in spacious plots, it is not an Urban Area or an area where an urban infill of flatted development is appropriate.

“In summary the scheme is not in the spirit or compliant with Planning Policy, its proposed design and the resultant over intensification is unnecessarily harmful, it should therefore be refused without delay.”


Last modified: November 14, 2018