Stock Parish Council Comments relating to Basildon Council Local Plan

December 12, 2018

Stock Parish Council raise strong objection to the site allocation by Basildon Council (REF: H16) Land North East of Potash Road which borders the Stock Parish boundary. It is understood this site was not identified as an allocation at Regulation 18 stage but is to be included at the submission of Regulation 19. It should be recorded there has been no local engagement with us as a neighbouring Parish or residents on this matter, and whilst no doubt Basildon Council are aware of the legal requirements in respect of Duty to Cooperate at a local level, this has not been the case.

This site is designated Metropolitan Green Belt, therefore we fundamentally question the evidence base which has resulted in its inclusion into the emerging Local Development Plan. The quantum of development is clearly not deliverable here even if the principle passed a series of sequential tests. On a more fundamental level this site affords not only a visual break in built form and urban spread, thus preventing the coalescence of the Parishes, but moreover, it is not allocated in the spirit of National Planning Policy and its core principle to deliver sustainable development, we suggest it is included in a last minute attempt to evidence housing figures to get to a final submission stage.

In summary, this site is not sustainable in respect of highways, education, health, drainage and other social and physical infrastructure. There are open views with quality landscape and ecology which should be subject to screening; as none of this testing and analysis has been formulated, examined and weighed up prior to this allocation, such a designation flies in the face of the very basic principle of Green Belt and its purpose.

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Last modified: December 13, 2018