Nominate your Chelmsford District Champion! – DEADLINE EXTENDED

March 9, 2019

Chelmsford City Council are looking for the local champions in Chelmsford who go the extra mile in looking after their local environment. In 2019, Chelmsford City Council would like to thank the individuals who look after where they live.

Do you know a local resident that goes the extra mile to look after their local environment? This can be anything from litter picking, planting flowers or doing something creative.

If you have a resident in mind, then please nominate them to Stock Parish Council who will forward any nominations onto the Love Your Chelmsford team.

There will be an award ceremony held at Hylands House in June to take the opportunity to thank the Chelmsford Champions.

Nominations along with a short paragraph explaining the nomination should be forwarded to Stock Parish Council by no later than Wednesday 08 May.

Last modified: March 10, 2019